About Namakhvani HPP

The construction of Namakhvani HPP is planned in Rioni gorge. It is the largest energy project in the history of Georgia’s independence, which is implemented with a direct foreign investment up to $800 million. Construction of Namakhvanvani HPP will significantly contribute to Georgia’s energy independence. The project will satisfy 20% of the peak energy demand in the country and increase domestic annual generation by 15%.

Namakhvani HPP will also support Georgia’s commitment under the Paris Agreement to reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 750,000 tons per year.

The main investor of the project and 90% shareholder is the Turkish corporation ENKA (ENKA İnşaat ve Sanayi A.Ş.). ENKA is one of the largest companies on the Istanbul Stock Exchange with a capitalization of $5 billion.

The Namakhvani HPP project will be the second successful project in Georgia implemented by ENKA Renewables. In 2014-2019, the company, along with its long-standing business partner, American company Bechtel, was a contractor for British Petroleum in the South Caucasus Pipeline Expansion Project.


February 1, 2021

Incident in the Gumathesi Settlement

On February, 1 of this year, at 4 a.m., in Gumathesi settlement, a fire broke out in the ENKA warehouse located in the project area of Lower Namakhvani HPP, where the equipment owned by the company was stored. The company immediately informed the relevant agencies about this fact.
Honey Export - Namakhvani
January 20, 2021

ENKA Bought 4250 kg Honey from 22 beekeepers from the Rioni Valley

  As part of a joint project of ENKA and the Rioni Valley Development Association, the company purchased 4,250 kilograms of honey from 22 beekeepers living in the Rioni Valley. It is planned the honey to be exported to the Republic of Kazakhstan in the near future.
Enka's Social Projects
January 20, 2021

ENKA’s Social Projects

  Within the Namakhvani HPP project, ENKA’s implemented/ongoing social projects: Kindergartens / Schools In 2018, scholarships were awarded to the best students of Rioni Valley schools. In 2018, the playground of Tvishi Kindergarten was fully equipped with all necessary inventory.