The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection of Georgia issued an environmental expertise report on the Namakhvani HPP cascade project in 2015.

In order to prepare the construction / detailed design of Namakhvani HPP cascade, project optimization works were carried out, as a result of which changes were made to the original design of the HPP cascade, which was subject to environmental impact assessment according to the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). The amendments to the project were submitted to the Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture of Georgia. An environmental decision was issued by the Ministry in 2020.

Studies and reports of the two-stage hydropower cascade project on the Rioni River in Tskaltubo Municipality.


Environmental Impact Assessment Report
Report No:3
Supplement Report No:3
Environmental Flow Assessment EFlow
Hydraulic Calculations
Hydraulic calculations of bottom water runoff
On thermal waters
Appendix 9


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