About Namakhvani HPP

Namakhvani project is the largest energy project in the history of Georgia’s independence, which will be implemented with a direct foreign investment of $ 800 million. 

The Namakhvani HPP Cascade Project encompasses two separate HPPs on the river Rioni: The Lower Namakhvani HPP (333 MW) and the Upper Namakhvani HPP (100 MW). 

The Reservoir surface area of Lower Namakhvani HPP will be – 5.1 km2 / 510 ha (for the comparison; Enguri reservoir surface is 13.1 km2; Tbilisi Reservoir – 11.6 km2; Shaori Reservoir – 9.2 km2). The reservoir surface of Uppen Namakhvani will be 1km2.


Importance of Namakhvani HPP and Benefits  Strategic importance of the project:

  • Energy independence of Georgia (The Project will meet 20% of peak demand in country and increase annual domestic generation by 15%);
  • Significantly improves system flexibility (frequency control of projects will improve grid stability and reduce the need for stand by facilities, reducing system costs and enable phasing in of intermittent electricity production such as wind and solar);
  • Affordable renewable energy (Namakhvani HPP will help in meeting Georgia’s commitments under the Paris Accord by reducing the CO2 emissions by approximately 750,000 tons per year);
  • Significant tax contribution;


For local communities:

  • Increased opportunity of the employment at the area. During recruiting, local population will be given the preference;
  • Improvement of the local employee skills with craft trainings and courses during the construction period;
  • Socially vulnerable groups as well as people with disabilities will be given priority while employment, compensation and business development.
  • Community investment and goodwill projects;
  • Local production will be given preference while purchasing various materials; 
  • Activation of new businesses is also expected (trade, services, transportation, food production, etc.)
  • Flood/water level control downstream of dam;
  • Completion of the new high standard Namakhvani-Alpana section of the road will lead to safe travel at the valley.