The Grievance Procedure allows stakeholders to raise questions or concerns with the company and have them addressed in a prompt and efficient manner.


ENKA Renewables aims to address all complaints received, regardless of whether they stem from real or perceived issues and whether the complainant is named or anonymous. Any stakeholder who considers themselves affected by ENKA Renewables’ activities will have access to this Procedure at no cost. ENKA Renewables has primary responsibility for the management and resolution of grievances, and will manage this in close consultation with the ENMAR Construction and its subcontractors.

Receipt and record of complaints:

Anyone from the affected communities or any stakeholder can raise a grievance at:

  • Zhoneti and Opurchkheti Camp areas. The LSOs will record it in a Grievance Registration Form (Annex 2) and give back a written copy of the complaint to the complainant;
  • Through the Land & Social Officers (LSOs) working in the affected communities through verbal communication;
  • ENKA Renewables Kutaisi office (19, Newport ) and informational center at established by the Company at several location in Rioni Valley.
  • By phone to a dedicated number: +995 591 451076.


Grievances received verbally will be written down by the LSOs and logged into the Project’s grievance database. When the information is fully entered, it is printed out and signed by the


Complainant to agree that it is a true and accurate record of the grievance lodged. The Complainant is always given a hard copy.