Design & Engineering

Ever since its foundation in 1957, ENKA has been integrating engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction, maintenance and project management, and providing design and engineering expertise including architectural, civil/structural, mechanical, process, piping, control/instrumentation and electrical engineering.

With its own highly qualified and experienced “in-house” design and engineering experts and cutting-edge technological capabilities, ENKA has delivered a significant number of world-class projects in diverse industries in Turkey and abroad, and earned the most respected engineering references by providing robust solutions through dedication, expertise and technological innovation.

ENKA’s project design and engineering processes ensure the early involvement of construction and commissioning expertise, so that projects are designed to be constructed and operated in the most efficient manner and in line with project specifications.

In 2016, ENKA established the Design & Engineering Center at ENKA Headquarters in order to maintain its longstanding culture of design and engineering innovation, and to bring its design and engineering activities together under a single umbrella. With the foundation of this corporate structure, ENKA became the first Turkish construction company to be awarded the title “Design & Engineering Center” by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology of Turkey.

The ENKA Design & Engineering Center comprises three main divisions located at ENKA Headquarters:

The Mission of the ENKA Design & Engineering Center:

  • To implement cost-reducing, sustainable innovations,
  • To develop new production technology processes,
  • To produce publications about the work done and process developed,
  • To enhance the culture of design and engineering,
  • To train competent staff for the Design and Engineering Center.

The Goals of the ENKA Design & Engineering Center:

  • Benefiting from its own internal resources and its design and engineering activities, the Center seeks to make effective use of its budget to keep outsourcing of services to a minimum and increase international competitiveness. It aims to guarantee the quality of design in design and engineering projects compliant with local and international standards through the use of scientifically-grounded innovative methodologies, and it strives to conduct its work in a sustainable manner.
  • With the aid of its extensive software infrastructure and Building Information Modeling (BIM) technologies, the Center aims to reduce errors and costs in engineering calculations, computer-assisted modeling and scenario-based analyses, thus contributing to exports and employment and increasing capacities to do global business.
  • The Center also aims to exploit the potential of design projects to generate intellectual property rights, and to leverage the design and engineering work which it performs to increase the recognition and power of the ENKA trade mark at the global level.

The Center aims to be a Pioneering and Exemplary Center of Design and Engineering