Namakhvani Project Engineering

The studies conducted during the early stages of the project are:

  • Studies conducted during the Soviet era,
  • Followed by Hydroprojekt (a Poland based international consultant) as a feasibility study,
  • Studio Pietrangeli S.r.l. (an Italy based international consultant which forms the basis of Basic Design of the Project). Studies completed by our project designer Temelsu Intl. Engineering (a Turkey based international consultant) who checked all of the parameters of the Project design and developed further including a re-run of the seismic parameters,
  • Reviews of the above conducted by the Company’s Owner’s Engineer Stucky Ltd. (a Switzerland based international consultant) and also Lahmeyer Engineering GmBH (a Germany based international consultant).

ENKA has undertaken further comprehensive investigations on all aspects of the previously conducted investigations with special emphasize on geology, hydrogeology, seismicity, landslide risks, hydrology, dam safety amongst numerous other studies together with internationally renowned experts and designers.

Furthermore, we have appointed a new seismic consultant Mr. Bernard Blanc who is a well-respected international consultant for seismology to undertake an independent re-study and also peer review of our current design. His conclusions also coincide with prior studies of Studio Pietrangeli and Temelsu which gives us further comfort about the accuracy of seismic parameters used in the design. Based on Mr. Bernard Blanc study, Enka renewables has again asked Stucky (Switzerland based reputable dam engineering company) to make additional studies geology and seismicity as per the international norms such as ICOLD. Extreme scenarios have been considered during the study. This further study was publicly presented recently in a conference organized by GEDF in Tbilisi on 19-October-2020 and all prominent dam experts were invited including universities (GTU, Ilia State Uni.), multiple HPP operators, state authorities and other experts. As per the results presented, Namakhvani HPP will be the one of the safest dams in the region.